Body Sculpt: Your EMS Gym for Rapid Weight Loss

Discover a new way to train at Body Sculpt in Montreal. Our 20-minute EMS sessions are designed to provide results equivalent to 1.5 hours of traditional exercise. Join us to transform your fitness routine and achieve your weight loss goals faster.

Save time

Increase your results

Comfortable workout

Safe training

“After six sessions, I must say that I noticed a firming in my arms and I feel that my abdominals are stronger. I love that this is intense and short. A 20-minute session per week fits well into a schedule. Until now, I just want to keep going!”

Muscle Electrostimulation: Revolutionize your Gym Routine

At our EMS gym in Montreal, we use muscle electrostimulation to transform your workout. This advanced method allows for intense muscle contraction, providing superior benefits in terms of toning and weight loss.

Our EMS Services - Beyond a Traditional Gym

At Body Sculpt, we go beyond what you expect from a typical gym in Montreal. Our EMS sessions target weight loss and muscle strengthening, while being suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes.

Why choose our Gym for your Weight Loss?

Our EMS approach at Body Sculpt is ideal for those specifically targeting weight loss. Train for less time and get faster results compared to a traditional gym, all in the heart of Montreal.

Join Our Gym for your Transformation

Ready for a radical change in your quest for weight loss in Montreal? Join Body Sculpt and discover the effectiveness of EMS. Contact us to start your journey.


233 Avenue Dunbar #201, Mont-Royal, QC H3P 2H4

438 990 8780

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